Chair Restates

The Presiding Officer Restates the Motion to the Assembly

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You will now hear the motion a second time (Once when the member first stated the motion and again when the Chair restates it). It is important to note that it is what the Chair states here that are going to be debated and voted on, not what the member originally stated, although these are usually both be the same.… Read the rest

Second The Motion

Another member seconds the motion.

The rights of the minority vs the rights of the majority are balanced by Robert’s Rules. The seconding of a motion prevents one person from making motions that no one else cares to discuss. There are exceptions to the requirement for a second that we will cover later and if debate is entered into a second is assumed.… Read the rest

Committees: A Terrible Way To Die


Committees can be a way to formally draw together people of relevant expertise from different parts of an organization who otherwise would not have a good way to share information and coordinate actions. They may have the advantage of widening viewpoints and delegating responsibilities.… Read the rest