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  • Transitions


    Every meeting is important. It is an opportunity to change.  Change may be difficult, but it is often necessary. A wise group will look into the future and predict likely problems. This allows them to change in small ways and see if those changes break anything. An unwise group waits until the moment of crises […]

  • Now Accepting Questions

    Hermetas is putting together a video series. Please submit questions to [email protected] or comment below. Thank you in advance!

  • Picking Nits

    Picking Nits

    The backwardness of Student Governance has always amazed me. An officer being absent half of her meetings is not grounds for removal because some one in the audience yells “Due Process!!!” while rolling of the eyes can be the gravest of all sins. Hermetas was recently hired to defend a President against such nonsense. For […]

  • Why You Need A Consultant

    Just for when you’re thinking I can do it all on my own…. The biggest problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Hermetas is run by experts of student government. They’ve all been there. As an example, we give you the story of Ben Cox who learned from Hermetas that you don’t […]

  • Effective Speech

    Effective Speech

    Lovea Jones wrote, “There is validity in everyone’s voice. What makes one more effect and effective than the others? A simple person can speak with just as much force and influence than a learned person. It’s all about the passion and drive one possesses in their heart.” She misses the mark entirely. Whether a student’s […]