Aaron Lee Taggert, PRP


Aaron Taggert was President of Student Government for Cerro Coso Community College in 2011-2012 and Communications Officer before that. During his service, Aaron found his true love, Robert Rules, and learned about the Ralph M. Brown Act. Aaron's now deceased grandmother taught him to question and research everything. "Trust, but verify" is one of Aaron's favorite quotes and because of this philosophy, he discovered many inconstancies between state law and district policy. He then had the great fortune to run into John Fraser. John Fraser has a similar love of mischief combined with a heart big enough to want to do what it takes to create the society we all want to live in. John and Aaron were instrumental in the Vote of No Confidence in Pasadena City College's Administration. A joke was made that they should charge for all the work that they do and thus Hermetas was born. Bonnie Moir was brought to the SGCC Office and told to sign a paper. After signing she asked what this was all about. Aaron told her that she was now in student government. She reluctantly grew to love student government and Robert's Rules. She was made a partner of Hermetas later because of her organizational skills and her grounded outlook and most importantly, her willingness to put up with John and Aaron.

Aaron's Noted Accomplishments:

  • Received Competent Communicator Award from Toastmasters International. Communication competence is the ability to choose a communication behavior that is both appropriate and effective for a given situation. Competent communicators express a concise, easily comprehensible message, understand the recipients of their message, possess empathy for those recipients and practice active listening. Strong communication skills are important for both personal and professional success.
  • Earned Credential as a Registered Parliamentarian. A parliamentarian is a professional consultant who advises an organization, its leaders, members, committees, and staff on parliamentary law and proper procedure for conducting meetings. A Registered Parliamentarian is a professional designation given by the National Association of Parliamentarians and demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of parliamentary procedure and a thorough familiarity with Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. This knowledge helps RPs provide quality instruction to others learning about parliamentary procedure; enables them to respond quickly and confidently to questions and situations that arise during the conduct of business in the organizations they serve or in which they participate; and allows them to quickly find details or supporting documentation of any parliamentary topic.
  • Serves as the Chair of the Religious Explorations Committee of his church.
  • Serves as the District 2 Parliamentarian for Toastmasters International
  • Served as Region IX Webmaster.
  • Served as President for his Student Government.
  • Received the California State Association of Parliamentarians President’s Outstanding Member Award.
  • Elected Communications Chair of the California State Association of Parliamentarians.
  • Discovered $300,000 of mismanaged funds for one client which caused a record-setting $68 million internal audit.
  • Restored pay and reputation to students who were then able to transfer to University.