Chair Restates

The Presiding Officer Restates the Motion to the Assembly

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You will now hear the motion a second time (Once when the member first stated the motion and again when the Chair restates it). It is important to note that it is what the Chair states here that are going to be debated and voted on, not what the member originally stated, although these are usually both be the same.

“How Unfair” you might say. But this is done for good reason and can be fixed if the Chair misstates the motion (*Time Limits apply). The Chair usually was a microphone and in any case, all members should be able to hear the Chair. All members may not be able to hear the member making a motion. The member stating the motion and the Chair Restating the motion also give your secretary (or whoever is taking notes) plenty of time to write the motion into the minutes and to verify that it is correct.

If a Chair feels that a member meant something else, he can state the motion as the member intended. If a member is having trouble with a motion the Chair can help the member by stating what the member intends. Often this will include a brief discussion between the chair and the member.

When things go wrong: If the Chair misstates, either on purpose or accidentally the member may immediately correct the error without seeking recognition. Other members hearing the Chair misstate the motion may raise a Point of Order although care should be taken to make sure the member does not prefer the Chairs version as raising a point of order in this situation would just be a waste of time.





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