Effective Speech

Lovea Jones wrote, “There is validity in everyone’s voice. What makes one more effect and effective than the others? A simple person can speak with just as much force and influence than a learned person. It’s all about the passion and drive one possesses in their heart.”

She misses the mark entirely. Whether a student’s voice is existentially valid or not, is irrelevant. Opinions being the opposite of facts, no one opinion should be more or less valid than another. A voice is the most effective when it causes the most action. I might be able to get a group of people to stand up by saying, “Please stand,” but no matter how passionately or forcefully and no matter how much drive I have, I will not have nearly as many people stand for me as will stand for the President of the United States without even a single word being uttered.

Furthermore, education should have some value and it should increase the effectiveness of a person. To say that a ‘simple’ person can speak with as much force and influence as an educated one is to make the education worthless.

Who have been the greatest speakers in your life? What are the most memorable speeches you have given or heard? What is the best and worst thing about public speaking?

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